ICEHOTEL | Jukkasjarvi, Sweden

The ICEHOTEL in Sweden is the world’s very first ice hotel and a true architectural wonder that guarantees to amaze and give you permanent vacation bragging rights! Get your cocktail served “in” the rocks instead of “on” them at the Absolut Ice Bar. You will need the alcohol to warm you because the average temperature of -5 degrees centigrade!! There ARE warm bungalows on-site, but everyone spends at least ONE night in the ICEHOTEL where EVERYTHING is made of ice and snow.

There are beautiful ice sculptures all over the hotel and movies are shown on an ice screen! Accommodations vary from snow tunnels with beds to stunning ice suites. Very warm sleeping bags are provided, so don’t worry about freezing at night, and please do bring your warmest clothes for this unique experience. Artists have designed the rooms and many designs in the ice are illuminated by beautiful lighting.

While you are here you must take a snowmobile trip and a reindeer sleigh ride. Also a visit to the Sami Village is a MUST as well as a peek in the old church there built in 1608! There is also nude ice swimming if you dare! The cycle of this hotel is 122 days a year and then it is rebuilt each year. The ICEHOTEL is an excellent choice for the adventurous!


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