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More options for attaining U.S. passports are making it necessary for government passport agencies to raise fees to compete.
2018 US Passport Fee Increase

If you are getting your passport for the first time, or if yours has expired, you may be in for a little surprise when you apply for your new travel documents. The State Department plans to raise passport execution fees in April. The increase comes to offset the increased cost of processing new passport applications imposed on the United States Postal Service. Standard fees for getting a brand new passport already stand at $135 for a passport, and $55 for a passport card.

The execution fee, which has been $25 on top of the standard fees, will now raise to $35, coming this Spring. Processing fees have been creeping up over the past 9 years for the USPS and the State Department. No longer able to continue without the traveler padding some of the bill, the fees were raised. This is understandable, being that travelers can get their passport from other sources. Around 7400 other sources to be exact, and people can now get their passports at drug stores, travel expos, and hospitality events.

2018 US Passport Fee Increase-6

Being that there are so many other places to get a passport now, the State Department and USPS are likely raising fees to keep their passport lines open. Guests who used to go the Post Office route have started to order nearly everything online like stamps and stationery, so alternate options for getting a passport have rose in popularity. No worries for those who are renewing a viable passport because their fees will not be affected. The fee increase will affect those who are applying for the first time, and those whose passport has lapsed. Let us just hope this increase stays at $35 for another 10 years.