MUSA, Cancun's Underwater Museum | Cancun, Mexico -
Haven for coral and humans.

As we all sadly know, the reefs of our world have taken a beating due to mankind but in Cancun, they are doing something amazing to help Mother Nature survive in the form of the Cancun Underwater Museum that is perfect for scuba lovers.  Created by artist Jason DeCaires Taylor, some otherworldly sculptures have taken their place on the bottom of the sea and have evolved into breathtaking and stunning underwater artificial reefs. 

MUSA Diving Cancun Mexico-4

Known as MUSA, the project began in 2009 with Taylor creating human sculptures and relics from marine concrete, then sinking them 30 feet down into the waters of Cancun. Today, the underwater museum holds more than 470 life sized statues that are growing coral polyps, and reef formations that seem a bit creepy, but are beautiful as new homes for fish and other sea life. Jason's collaboration with nature has created something no one can describe without seeing it in person, and even then, one will have trouble finding the words to explain what they have seen. 

Each sculpture tells a different story and if you are lucky enough to visit more than once, you will see that the coral and marine life living and growing on the sculptures are constantly changing, creating an amazing and breathtaking experience with every visit there.  This is a must see and is a heartfelt and successful attempt to help one of our earth's most amazing living ecosystems survive climate change and damage made by humans.  To see this natural marvel, visit and be snorkel ready, for an experience that will change your life.

Images: AquaWorld Cancun