Revel In The Nature At Canopy Lodge | El Valle de Anton, Panama

Ths is another amazing adventure vacation for the nature minded and bird lover in you. It is the world famous Canopy Lodge, located in the foothills of central Panama in the village of El Valle de Anton. Located in the crater of an extinct volcano, this full service lodge is also surrounded by the Cerro Gaital Natural Monument.

The lodge accommodations include 12 bedrooms that are very comfortable, open air dining room with WiFi, an awesome library with books for bird identification and nature reference. The peace, tranquility and breathtaking surroundings will make you forget the busy life you left.

The service is excellent and the experience amazing and priceless. In this pocket of privately owned Rain Forest, there are nature trails, waterfalls, natural swimming pools with rope swings, a beautiful river and even a treehouse!

The food is very good here and so is the wine and dining is communal. The property is full of wildlife and is beautiful with many birdfeeders and lots of hummingbirds! This is one magical vacation destination that you will most be bragging about!

Images: Canopy Lodge Panama

Written by LeVar Thomas

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