Save Your Money For Souvenirs, Not Bag Check Fees

You’ve basically rolled your clothing into nonexistence just so you can avoid checking an extra bag for your flight. Your suitcase still would not fit into that tiny suitcase sizer, so you had to spend extra to check a bag. So much for getting Granny a souvenir. Whether you are a light or heavy packer, it is hard to go anywhere without blowing an extra $25 to $100 dollars for check bag fees these days.

Many prefer not to deal with perks programs, and cringe when someone asks for any type rewards card. To save in this age, taking advantage of perks you earn for everyday spending can really save you money. We care about your right, and your ability to travel freely. Here are some ideas you can use to avoid unreasonable check bag fees.

First, check with your existing credit card company and ask if they have a frequent flyer program you can start applying points toward. Card companies like Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi MasterCard, and Visa have programs that earn you travel rewards as you spend for groceries and other general purchases. Some of your other credit cards may reward you with free bag checking to book with specific airlines.

Some travelers sign up directly with airlines to earn frequent flyer points. Airlines with special programs include Alaska Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, Alaska and United Airlines. With earned points as a cardholder, these brands allow such rewards like one free checked bad per flight, and some of these airlines offer free bag check for multiple co-passengers. Though Southwest has its own rewards card, two free checked bags are standard for every flight.

So our advice to you is to take advantage of any perks your favorite airlines can offer you. In addition to flight goodies, many flight cards give you outside the airport deals as well. Check with your credit card provider and see what’s in store for you today or sign up for an airline card that fits your needs as a flyer.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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