Serendipity | Own A Luxury Eco Resort in Panama for Just $10

You have visited lots of luxury resorts, but have you ever thought of owning one? Imagine having all the room service, beach, and relaxation you want forever! Think that would be so astronomically expensive? What if we said that you can own a multi-million dollar luxury island resort for just $10. You read correctly. Young American couple Dave and Suzanne Smith bought a shabby island lodge 5 years ago in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Since then they have built it into the awesome Casa Cayuco Eco Lodge which has become a noted Top Five venue in Panama and Central America.

The Eco Lodge is surrounded by tropical beauty in the form of rainforest, and tranquil turquoise waters. However The Smith’s are ready to move on to even more tranquil waters and have decided get rid of Casa Cayuco. They won’t sell it though; they intend on raffling off the entire island lodge for just $10. If you buy a raffle ticket and win, you will own a 24 bed resort. You can keep the air conditioned luxury suite for yourself, or you can make it available for lodging along with four cabins, two lodge suites, or the main lodge.

Also part of the package is three luxury length power boats, your own docking area, terrace, commercial kitchen, communications gear, laundromat, and maintenance building. All we can say is bless Dave and Suzanne for their generosity. If you want your chance to win the lush island paradise that is Casa Cayuco, visit WinThis.Life. No worries if you are not super flush with cash, because contest organizers WinThis.Life will invest $50,000 to the winner to assure a great start with the new business. Now does owning your own luxury resort seem more feasible? Enter now.

Images: Magnus News Agency

Written by LeVar Thomas

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