Home Meets Hotel | Oasis by Hyatt Unbound Collection

Hotel giant has come up with a great idea. With Airbnb and other companies like it offering you a home away from home, hotels have to compete. That is not to excuse the bad experiences some people have had with bed and breakfast type rentals though. Even when your experience is great, you may need some usual home comforts that are not there like paper towels, or coffee filters for instance.

BnBs definitely do not offer room service like you can now enjoy with Hyatt’s Oasis. A part of the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, an Oasis property is a homey place to lay your head when you are traveling. Oasis is home meets hotel. They combine the home rental feel with all the amenities that you can enjoy in a hotel. In more than 20 worldwide destinations, there are thousands of Hyatt curated Oasis locations with hotel standards.

You can expect tidy spaces, working Wi-Fi, crisp linens, and premium toiletries. A high level of service can be expected in your Oasis home too. Expert concierges greet guests, teach them the ropes of the home, and share tips on how to best enjoy the city they visit. Visit where you want, how you want with Oasis.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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