Fernandez Bay Village | Cat Island, Bahamas

Charming and quiet, Fernandez Bay Village is located on the beautiful island of Cat and is family owned and operated since 1980. This is a rustic and remote hideway in paradise where you can relax, read, explore, play and rejuvenate! This little resort is well known for it’s very laid back atmosphere and excellent service. You are free here to do whatever you want such as snorkel, swim, fish, suntan, scuba dive, bike, kayak, go boating or go on a picnic.

The cottages here are eclectic, made of stone and tile and the beach is snow white and private. There is a Tiki Bar to gather for drinks and views of the stunning sunsets. Cuisine is Bahamian delicious as the chefs are creative and will spoil you with lobster, fresh fish, steaks or chicken. All veggies are grown locally and very fresh. Whether you prefer to laze in a beachside hammock, visit the Hermitage, bike to Mt. Alvernia or kayak up the creek, there is always something to do at Fernandez Bay Village.

Images: Fernandez Bay Village

Written by LeVar Thomas

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