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The Year of the Dog is upon us! February 16 marks the Chinese New Year and if you are a fan of domesticated and wild dogs, Natural Habitat Adventures wants to help you celebrate the occasion with a few adventures that will probably get your blood pumping, but will allow you to see the world’s wildest canines in their natural environments. Their environments range from Yellowstone National Park, all the way to Ethiopia and dog enthusiasts will get to see their doggies’ primitive relatives close-up. Wild dogs, foxes, and wolves range around the world and guests will get to see them.

Natural Habitat Adventures will take you to Yellowstone National Park for the Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari. Small groups will be taken to the remote Lamar Valley in Yellowstone to see the elegant Wolf stalk elk, bison, and other game animals. The wolves are beautiful this time of year because their coats have gone all white to hide from prey animals. The snowy landscape features geysers, and tree covered in ice that adds to the magic of wolf watching.

The Red Fox is now on the hunt at Yellowstone as well, and the Hidden Yellowstone Wildlife Safari will help you meet this wise and cunning canine in the Grand Tetons. This habitat is home to elk, buffalo, bald eagles, and bears too.

The African Wild Dog can be ruthless, and loving when it is observed caring for its pups. The nomadic dog is highly endangered and can be found on the Botswana tour to name a few places. It is now Africa’s summer, and the wild dogs have on their most colorful coats. These wild dogs can be seen best on the Okavango Delta near the Moremi Game Reserve. Along with the Wild Dog, lions and leopards can also be spotted safely in the diverse habitat.

While you are in Africa, why not engage in the Wild Ethiopia Tour. Known as the Roof of Africa, the Ethiopian Highlands feature the Simien Mountains and Bale Mountains national parks that are awesome for seeing the graceful Ethiopian wolf. The endangered predator can be seen in the proximity to Ibex, Nyala antelopes, and Gelada Monkeys. This landscape is perfect for the Ethiopian wolf who hides among the high plateaus, volcanic peaks, and deep valleys there.

The Ultimate Churchill Adventure is the best place to get close to the Arctic Fox. Snowy tundra hides the Fox perfectly, but tour guides will help you spot them along with polar bears on a host of tundra vehicles, and dog sleds. The nearby town of Churchill will also share cultural activities hosted by local residents.

The Jackal is last but not least on the list of cool, wild dogs, we should celebrate this year. In the national parks of Zambia and Zimbabwe, you can see the life of the jackal. Joining the sleek jackal, you can also see elephants, buffalo, hippos, and rhinoceroses join forces on the Kafue Plains near the Zambezi River pools.

How about it? Are you happy for the Year of the Dog? Celebrate it with some safe safaris lead by Natural Habitat Adventures where expert leaders will share their knowledge of the animals and the terrain on which they live.

Images: Natural Habitat Adventures

Written by James Wolfe

I'm a nature lover that enjoys traveling and sharing my experiences.

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