Spring Travel Glory | Southwest Airlines Flash Sale

It’s quite a few degrees warmer, new plants are sprouting, and birds are chirping in the southeast U.S., yet winter is still here. It just takes one brisk night to remind you of that. What would really remind you of that is a trip to someplace warmer. We love that idea and are so happy that Southwest Airlines is helping us get to those warmer areas for way less. The Southwest flash sale is in progress and you can fly anywhere in the U.S., and a few international stops for just $44 to $49 one way.

The Southwest Flash Sale will let you legitimately fly stateside from March 6 to June 13. Select international flights are available from April 3 through May 17. There is a catch though; the sale runs until February 15, 2018, only. This is incredible news if your Valentine’s Day gift was not well received or is non-existent. Even better news is that there are no hidden fees associated, and your ticket comes with choice of seats and checked bag per flight.

So imagine warming up and getting a massage in Miami. If you love winter, take a flight to the hills of North Carolina, and hop on a pair of snow skis. It’s up to you and with round trip tickets for around $93, you can do both. Head over to Southwest and secure your tickets through tomorrow, and get flying!

Written by James Wolfe

I'm a nature lover that enjoys traveling and sharing my experiences.

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