Etu Moana Beach Villas | Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Aitutaki, in the Cook Islands, is the island vacation water and nature lovers literally dream about and the BEST hidden gem in the South Pacific! Aitutaki’s HUGE clear, turquoise lagoon is most definitely one of the prettiest in the world. Exceptional scuba diving and snorkeling is a once in a lifetime experience here where you can hand feed huge schools of colorful butterfly fish in the crystal clear lagoon waters.

Be sure and take a water taxi to One Foot Island where you can also hand feed George, a giant Trevally fish, who is the favorite island mascot and also really enjoys betting petted. This area is also famous for kiteboarding and fishing and all water activities are excellent.One really great place to stay is Etu Moana Boutique Beach Villas, where the accommodations are excellent and right on the beautiful beach. Take a jungle safari, guided island tour, visit the highest point for the best view, Maunga Pu.

You will love spending time with the locals as they are friendly, smiling and welcoming people who do their best to make your time on their island one you will never forget. This whole area of beautiful little islands and coral reefs surround the lagoon, making the water warm, clear and perfect for all water activities. Searching for a relaxing paradise in the South Pacific? Well Etu Moana Beach Villas is where you want to be.

Images: Etu Moana Beeach Villas

Written by James Wolfe

I'm a nature lover that enjoys traveling and sharing my experiences.

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