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Germany is home to many spectacular places to see, and it is the great home of invention as well. Telephone, Levi jeans, beer, tea bags, hamburgers, television, MP3 and more creations makes a person want to see a place of such innovation. From the food, to the architectural wonders, and museums there, Germany is a place you’ve got to visit. Many visit Germany for the vibrant wine culture that is at home there. Thirteen regions in the country have a hand in growing grapes with Rhineland-Palatinate being the largest. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While you are there see if you can attend the German Grape Harvest Festival, or take a walking tour of many vineyards.

If you are for more of a metal and brawn experience, you must explore German car culture at Dresden’s Transport Museum that celebrates 1000 years of marine and land bound navigation. Boats, railroad, cars, and general history of cars can be found here. Not brawny enough? Think about building a medieval castle by hand. It is estimated that Germany sports around 25,000 castles, some like the Nuremberg Castle that was a Roman Empire palace, and the Wartburg Castle that dates back to the 11th century. Many tours along Castle Trail point out the most famous ones on tour.

For the intellectual part of you, the museums and libraries in Germany are not only caches of knowledge, they are architecturally astounding to see. This year cerebrates the 550th anniversary of Johannes Gutenburg’s Death. The patriarch of modern print created the printing press and his first ever book, the Luther Bible can be seen at the Gutenburg Museum in Mainz, Germany. To get a thrill, visit Europa-Park or Phatasialand theme parks for the coasters, or see wildlife at Hellabrunn Zoo in Munich. For the romantic, take an excursion to Flower Island of Mainau which is covered with an incredible park and gardens. Whether you want to visit for wine,  history, cuisine, architecture, thrills or romance, you can find it in Germany.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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