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Sometimes the brochure doesn’t do justice for what you find. We are talking about hotel rooms. Frequent travelers often find the room not as immaculate as they had hoped. Some ask for a sheet change, while others bring their own sheets and pillowcases to cover the bed. Bringing sheet is a bulky affair though, to say the least. This is why I am happy we heard about the Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet.

Founder Nichole Alden found herself in this boat. She was worried about carrying along bulky sheets, allergies, critters, or encountering a scratchy duvet. In her efforts to find a suitable solution, she created the Brave Era Silk Travel Sheet that is 100% silk and easy to pack away. The Silk Travel Sheet weighs 6 ounces, fits into a smartphone sized pouch, and is naturally hypoallergenic. The sheet unfolds into a machine washable sheet big enough for a person that is taller than 6’6″.

The quality of Brave Era Travel Sheet allows it to last for a long time, it doesn’t hold excessive heat, and doesn’t let bedbugs, and mosquitoes through to covered parts. After a long day of adventuring, you deserve a good night’s sleep without worrying about unclean bedding, dust mites, and harsh detergents. Get Brave Era’s 100% Silk Travel Sheet and get the rest you deserve when you travel.

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Written by LeVar Thomas

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