The Holiday Road Warrior | A Travel Checklist

Get there better than ever.

I am a road warrior and for the past three weekends, I have driven from Central Florida, to Key West. Back home, then to South Carolina, back home, and then up to Virginia for a dual cousin birthday weekend. On my journeys, I realized that I had left behind a few things that would have made my long drives a lot better. I mean, can I get a pair of sunglasses and an aspirin somebody? If you plan to drive to your folks house this fall season, our holiday gift to you is this road trip checklist.

It goes without saying that you need your license, and proof of insurance. For a longer trip be sure your spare tire is intact, and bring jumper cables for emergencies. Beyond that, lets talk about comfort.

  • A pair of sunglasses. Sun’s bright up there.
  • Umbrella for sun or unforecasted rain.
  • An extra coat or blanket for temperature changes or campfire nights.
  • A window shade for unbearable sun and extended parking.
  • Hand sanitizer for after visiting “that” gas station.
  • Ibuprofen, aspirin or some kind of pain reliever for driving woes.
  • A towel for downpours or unscheduled swimming.
  • Reusable and sealable travel cups.
  • Bug spray, sunscreen, and change of shoes for extended walks.

After comfort, comes connectedness, and who wants to be without their favorite ’80 music playlist on a long trip. Depending on the person, these items may be as important as actually taking the trip at all. For your connections, and entertainment grab these items.

  • USB device charger to keep your smartphone, and kid distractors powered.
  • Connect wireless functions beforehand. Handsfree is the law in some states.
  • A great playlist makes the drive seem faster. We promise.
  • Download digital travel games or pack actual travel versions for the kids.
  • A good book, coloring book, pen & pad, or magazine keeps the copilot alert.

Things might get a little swampy or boggy on a long trip and with these hygiene items, you’ll get the freshness, and rejuvenation you need to finish your drive strong.

  • Bringing mouthwash, or candy to refresh can get you out of a driving funk.
  • Sunscreen to keep your window side skin protected.
  • Lip protectant and skin moisturizer prevent cracks when in northern climates.
  • Body wipes come in handy for a quick freshen up.
  • Bring paper towels or tissues for spills and runny noses. Allergens. Ya know?

Some last minute things that won’t be necessary for all, but a few will find the need for them are..

  • Cash. Your pesky credit card security will kick in at a random transaction.
  • A USB charge bank for devices around plug hogging relatives.
  • Snacks for a trip when you need more refreshing than your gas tank.
  • Plastic grocery bags work for trash and doggie pickup.
  • Finally, a multi-tool like a Gerber might save the day.

We wish you a warm and happy traveling season, and hope that this road trip checklist will help you get more prepared to be that road warrior.

Written by LeVar Thomas

Cofounder of & I have always loved writing whether it be informative, or put toward creating music. Visit any of the websites and go hear my original songs at

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