Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge | Rwanda, Africa

Gorillas in the mist.

If you are a lover of wildlife, and specifically silverback gorillas, the Sabyinyo Silverback jungle lodge is a dream come true. Sabyinyo is located in Rwanda near the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park and allows you to have the chance of a lifetime. Guided walks are given here that guarantee that you will witness the amazing, and endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.]

Not only are safaris available here but the experience is great for families, and everything you need to relax is available too. This is a small hotel that is dedicated to giving its best to guests who’s rooms all look out over the mist covered hills made famous by zoologist, Dian Fossey. There are five inactive volcanoes in this park and it is the last refuge for the Silverback gorilla.

The eight chalets here have the best of accommodations for you with decor made from local stone. There are also landscaped gardens that are perfect for watching some of the 650 bird species here. All is done in very good taste, from the deluxe bathrooms to the friendly and attentive staff. The main building is ranch-style and offers great dining, big fireplaces, and comfortable, plush sofas.

Guest quarters have large sitting areas, fireplaces, excellent bathrooms, and verandas with stunning views of the volcanoes and surrounding lowlands. The lodge also has a library, game room, boutique for shopping and a community awareness center for the gorillas and Rwandan history. The terracotta roofs and the beautifully landscaped gardens and breathtaking views will keep you amazed! This will surely be a dramatic and thrilling experience that will change your life forever…anyone lucky enough to go will have a mystic and touching experience. Learn about rates and offers at Sabyinyo Lodge at the link.

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