5 Things To Do: Get A Taste of Argentina

Wine, shopping, food, and cowboys.

Of course your resort will want to keep you entertained on site, but you being the adventurer that you are, want to get off the beaten path, and explore that exotic locale in your own way. We encourage you to be safe when you travel to a new place, but we also want to enjoy your trip and the surrounding area to the utmost.

So here is where we will tell you about 5 more super things you can do to extend the enjoyment of your getaway to Argentina. It is the largest Spanish speaking country shines in its wine culture, it beautiful geography, cowboy culture, winter sports, shopping, festivals, and its cuisine.

Wine Culture – First up, we have to mention the wine culture here. Argentina stands 6th in line for the largest wine producing countries. That is no little feat considering how much wine is consumed daily across the world. The country allows a perfect opportunity to taste classic wine in the region it was produced. The hearty Mendoza Malbec is best experienced at Cavas Wine Lodge. This all villa getaway is magic and are a perfect hideaway during your Argentinian wine tour.

Nature Galore – Whether you come for nature or not, you will marvel at all the wonderful natural scenes there are to see here. On the western side of Argentina, there are the Andes Mountains. They are the longest continental mountain range in the world. It makes a 4300 mile ridge through South America. Ushuaia is widely known as the southernmost city in the world and strangely enough has glaciers that make it a winter wonderland for snow sports and beyond. Enjoy more glaciers and exemplary waterfalls at UNESCO Heritage Sites Glaciers National Park, and Iguazu Falls.

Giddy Up – If you love cowboys, horses, or both, you will marvel at Argentina’s flair for equine culture. Not only are there Argentinian cowboys, called gauchos, that traverse the country but you can get in on the act too. There are polo lessons for the sporty type, and for the spectator in you, visit the Hippodrome to watch horse races or a professional polo game. Also, what could be as ideal as mounting a horse for yourself and roaming the country with a friend for a guided day trip.

Shopping – If shopping is why you really came to visit Argentina, then focus your attention on Buenos Aires. More specifically, Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires. This area hosts the best shopping in Argentina. It features back to back shops that sell fine jewelry, clothing, leather goods, and likely, the kitchen sink. There are food vendors to keep your shopping energy up, and you will find fine boutiques in Palermo Viejo, get your antiques fix in San Telmo, and find mostly anything you can think of. There are also large, family-friendly shopping malls with trinkets in all price ranges, you will definitely leave with something.

Cuisine – Argentina serves up the second highest amount of beef in the world. It should go without saying that the steaks here are among the best anywhere. The cows here are grass fed and free to roam pastures. If red meat is not your thing, try Humita that is like a meatless tamale or Llapingacho that is a fried potato cake. The Locro stew is awesome to try for something new, and the empanadas here are outstanding. Don’t forget to ask for a local wine that pairs well with your dish.

This concludes our post of very cool things to do here. So when you take an exotic getaway, or just visit another state for fun, we will be here with 5 more things you could do to make your visit 5x more fun. Keep an eye out for more destinations, and more things you can do aside from lounge in your hotel.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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