Destination Brazil – Culture, Nature, and All Out Fun

Que saudade!

Brazil is a South American country that many people associate with exotic beauty. So much so, that many beautification procedures include the name Brazilian. The country is also alive with culture. It shows in its amazing Samba dancing, the romantic Portuguese language, Brazilian wine, architectural attractions like cathedrals and monasteries, and the bucket list topping Christ the Redeemer statue.

The statue stands atop Mount Corcovado that brings us to Brazil’s natural attractions. This 2300 foot mountain is located in Rio De Janeiro’s Tijuca National Forest. It is a sheer granite cliff that hosts up to 1,800,000 guests every year. Each person climbs 100 steps as a pilgrimage or to experience the statue’s 98 foot splendor. Brazil is also the setting for Copacabana and Ipanema beaches too.

If we hooked you with the natural attraction of Brazil, then we will really catch you when we say it is very affordable to visit. Unfortunately, Brazil is coming out of a recession that has made it great to score tickets with British or American currency. This means events, lodging, dinner, and bars will be more affordable, which means the fun goes longer.

When it comes to fun, Brazil has it in droves. For the music and dance lovers, Brazilian Carnival happens annually before the beginning of Lent every year and are celebrated with regional parades for both the public and smaller parades for other cities who celebrate in their own way. The festival is largely marked by rhythmic dancing like the Samba, elaborate costumes, and a 6 day party that includes 400,000 festival tourists.

Music lovers especially love Brazil for the Rock in Rio event. It kicked off in 1985 as a rock festival that runs for 6 days from September 15-24 every year. Guests like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi have appeared in the show. The show has become such a success it has expanded to Las Vegas, and Portugal to name a few locations. Proceeds from this event go to help Brazil’s social, and ecological projects.

We mentioned Copacabana Palace as a wonderful beachside place to stay when you visit Rio de Janeiro. Aside from wonderful resort hotels there are accommodations to suit many including Airbnbs, and small, stand-alone bed and breakfast lodgings called pousadas. Brazil is also embracing more sustainable tourism like the Uakari Floating Lodge that employs locals and biologists as tour guides. You might also consider working in exchange for free accommodation at the Cocoa Farm of Bahia.

When you need a good getaway from politics, the everyday grind, and cool temperatures, make your way to Brazil. The people are friendly, and warm like the sun. The people of Brazil emphasize happiness, so if anything we mentioned about this place interests you, take a load off and visit Brazil. You will always remember your time in this beautiful and tropical location.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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Copacabana Palace by Belmond – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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