Turtle Island Villas – Private Island, Fiji

Once discovered, never forgotten.

If you and your honey need a getaway that is tailored for couples, then we have a great one to share with you today. Turtle Island is a private island in Fiji that is reserved for 14 couples at time only. This allows personal service, and an intimate time for all that visit, and time to refocus, and reconnect with each other.

Turtle Island is touted as a cultural haven in Fiji, and while you are there, you will experience the value of respect, community, and joy. The resort is also very ecologically conscious, and guards the 500 acre island’s peaceful forests, and peerless beaches by using solar energy, local grown produce, and hand built and sustainable villas.

There are 14 bright villas over Turtle Island’s Blue Lagoon, that are made private by rich landscaping between each of them. You can commune with nature from your villa too, because each is designed with nature in mind, having sun pour into them that blends perfectly with views of the South Pacific Ocean.

Vonu Point is the most sought after villa at Turtle Island. It is elevated above the other villas for sweeping views of the pristine beach, nearby islands, and the sea. It has king-sized bed, separate dressing room, hardwood floors, and a queen sized outdoor lounger, and hammock that lets you lay back and enjoy 300° views of Turtle Island.

The cuisine on Turtle Island is of course, diverse, fresh, and tasty. It is inspired by the fresh produce that is grown locally, and prepared in the local tradition. Yellow fin tuna, crab, and Pacific green lobster, Australian beef, native fruits and island-grown vegetables are for dinner. They also prepare dishes for special dietary needs, so enjoy some new things, some favorites, and all the deliciousness that Fiji offers.

For moments that you will never forget, Turtle Island Villas have adventurous things to fill the time you aren’t spending relaxing. There are 10 private beaches on the island on which to frolic. There is also horseback riding, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, biking, hiking, turtle conservation tours, and exploring the Blue Lagoon where the famous movie was filmed. Take your burdens and return with a smile instead from Turtle Island.

Images: Turtle Island Villas Fiji

Written by LeVar Thomas

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