Catch A Dream | Fishing Tours at Lake Thingvallavatn, Iceland

Have you ever fancied a trip to Iceland? Many people hope to visit just to see the Northern Lights, but the Nordic island offers much more than breathtaking auroras. The nation has a considerably diverse landscape that is made unique by its waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs, geysers, volcanoes and glaciers. Though Iceland is largely barren of plants, there are herd animals, foxes, minks, rabbits and reindeer that thrive there. There are also a multitude of wonderful fishes that make it a great place to visit for some fishing. Fishermen who have trekked this far north for thrills can see all that Iceland has to offer, along with catching monster Brown Trout, and Salmon-like Char fish.

If you are that fisherperson and you are looking for a new fishing adventure, book a tour with Frontiers who has just announced a Lake Thingvallavatn Fishing and Multi-Sport Adventure. The four-day guided Lake adventure runs from April-July. The guests on this adventure will be hosted at ION Adventure Hotel that is just an hour from Reykjavik. Iceland’s capital city is set against astounding lava fields in Iceland’s Golden Circle sightseeing route known as the best place to see the island’s flora, fauna, and sporting activities.

The Thingvellir National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site is also very near the ION Hotel where you will be hosted for three nights. After arriving around noon at the ION, guests will set out to fish at 4pm with one guide per two fishers who will need a fishing license. Fishermen there tout the virtues of Icelandic fishing because the crystal clear rivers and lakes allow almost limitless opportunities to catch char and trout.

Whether you are drawn by the dynamic landscape, the fishing or the northern lights, do not miss your opportunity to see the Nordic island of Iceland for yourself. Frontiers Iceland Tours are available from April-July starting at $4200 per person with three night hotel stay, fishing guide, and all the magic that is Iceland. Ever been to Iceland? Sign up with Frontiers today and say YES!

Written by LeVar Thomas

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