More Than Just a Taste of Paradise | Kanuhura Hotel, Maldives

You see the pictures all the time of cool bungalows built out over crystal clear, turquoise water. Kanuhura Hotel in the Maldives is one of those authentic places that rates as one of the TOP Hotels in the World! This tropical getaway is the essence of natural, idyllic beauty that you only find in a place like the Maldives. With the azure waters of the Indian Ocean lapping at the snow white, stunning beach, this hotel has it all if you are looking for paradise.

This is a very private getaway, but still has state of the art technology for your comfort. Sporting one bungalow, and 10 island style villas, the accommodation lie either on the islands sandy fringe beaches, or on stilts over the water. There is always something to do here, so after getting relaxed, you can visit on-site restaurants, and bars, or take part in sports/fitness activities for the whole family.

Not far away are some of the world’s best dive sites. Among many excursions, you can have an off site picnic, take a sunset cruise, go snorkeling, visit wildlife sanctuaries, go fishing, or windsurf. Back at the hotel, guests enjoy their game room, or food flights that boast a taste of the good life. The hotel is also home to the most luxurious spa in the Maldives. However you like to spend your vacation, you will never be disappointed with your accommodations at Kanuhura, an outstanding hotel in paradise.

Images: Kanuhura Hotel Maldives

Written by LeVar Thomas

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