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Italy is that boot-shaped country whose culture is abundant here in the United States. We have adopted lots of Italian culture and who can forget the delicious cuisine? Instead of enjoying the culture from afar, take a once in a lifetime chance and go visit Italy. There are tons of things to do that range from relaxation, romance, sight-seeing, and pasta! Thinking of making that trek soon? Here are a few ideas and some do-not-miss attractions you can visit as a newbie, or ones you may have missed on many journeys before.

Italy enjoys spring and summer temperatures from 68° to 77° F, making it perfect for a Gondola ride around Venice. Going to see the sights or having a romantic time, you will enjoy the charm of the gondoliers that navigate you through Venice’s canals. Tour guides show you places like St. Mark’s Square, Ca’ d’ora palace, the Rialto & Accademia Bridges, and the classic architecture of San Marco and Dorsoduro neighborhoods. If gondola rides are not what you expect, opt for a vaporetto water bus ride. Vaporetto has 19 scheduled lines that even travel out to nearby islands. 

Seeing the city by boat is nice, but authentic Italian cuisine is one of the main reasons people visit. Not only can you engage in Tuscan wine and cheese tours, you can take classes and learn how to make your favorite Italian dishes. The best idea is to taste pizza anew in Naples. There lies the restaurant that claims to have made the very first slice. You probably have had some great gelato here in the U.S., but Italy made it famous.

For a hopping good time, head to Trastevere in Rome that is great for an inexpensive bite, and to get away from the bustling touristy areas. The cuisine is utmost, but some of the best architectural and art pieces were created in Italy too. Make your way to the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, and the Duomo in Florence if you are Gothic cathedral fan. Take a ride to Sicily to see Greek and Roman ruins, or visit Pompeii for a trip back in time. You will love visiting Rome’s Pantheon, and adore seeing the original David statue in Galleria dell’Accademia.

Don’t skip Milan that hosts Leonardo’s “The Last Supper.” You will also want to make time for the Uffizi Gallery and Vatican Museums that are home to fabled Renaissance art. You can pretend to be ancient Roman royalty by standing inside the Colosseum, or walk through history at the birth site of the Roman Empire at the Roman Forum.

If you are about natural beauty, take a car or let someone drive you along the Amalfi Coast for breathtaking views. Sardinia is perfect for beautiful beaches and the countrysides of Tuscany and Umbria steal your heart. Mount Etna is the highest mountain and world’s oldest active volcano in Sicily or see Mount Vesuvius if volcanoes suit your fancy. Head out to the Isle of Capri by boat to see I Faraglioni, a pair of massive rock formations that rise from the sea. “Sentiero deli dei” or Path of the Gods is a hiking lovers dream with wildlife, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains to enjoy.

There are just not enough words to express the culture through natural beauty, architecture, and art Italy possesses. We hope you make plans to visit soon. If you have been to Italy or wish to go, tell us about it and stick with Always Packed for the best in luxury travel.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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