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If you find yourself staring at the stars, or have gone the extra step to buy a telescope to look to the heavens, we have a treat for you today. Holiday River Expeditions is embracing the Dark Sky Movement. Since the Earth is so highly populated, there are more and more city lights that are outshining the stars, leaving stargazers unfulfilled during celestial events like meteor showers. By offering a series of experiences that are dedicated to stargazing and celestial wonders, Holiday River is initiating 2018 Stargazing adventures to give sky lovers a chance to see all the wonder that the sky holds.

Starting in May and going through October 2018, guests will be invited to hike, bike, and raft to places where the sky is darkest to learn more about the heavens with experienced tour guides from Salt Lake City’s Clark Planetarium. On trips to Canyonlands National Park Utah, Dinosaur National Monument, Cataract Canyon, and Green River, sky lovers can join in finding stars, constellations, planets, galaxies, nebulas, clusters and satellites. Guides will also teach more about the structure of our galaxy, the origin, and future of the universe.Since the rivers and trails traveled on the Dark Sky tours are far away from cities and light pollution, the skies are allowed to put on the best show for gazers. Provided for the 3-8 day trips are educated sky and nature guides, equipment, and meals. Along with beautiful views of the sky, guest will also see rock formations, waterfalls, canyons, whitewater rapids, and more. This is definitely an experience to be a part of. Learn more about these 2018 Stargazing adventures at Holiday River Expeditions and unlock your universe.

Images: Holiday River Expeditions

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