Los Almendros de San Lorenzo Hotel | Suchitoto, El Salvador

This hotel in the historic town of Suchitoto in El Salvador is an ancient hacienda that has been entirely restored with luxurious accommodations, amazing artwork and modern comfort. There is an awesome bar and patio with a stunning tropical garden, large swimming pool and a gourmet restaurant, guaranteed to please your pallet with international flair and fresh locally grown fruits and veggies.

At the Los Almendros de San Lorenzo Hotel, you can take a boat tour on Lake Suchitlan or go horseback riding on Guazapa Volcano, tour the national park of the Volcans, tour the highest mountain in El Salvador, El Salvador EL Pital, learn about and tour the treasures of EL Salvador, attend an authentic Mayan ceremony or go kayaking, rafting, ziplining, biking, hiking, surfing or kite surfing. ALL of this is arranged by the friendly staff at this hotel. Absolute tranquility can also be achieved by spending a day on the most beautiful beach in El Salvador, just steps away.

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Images: Hotel Los Almendros de San Lorenzo

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