Swift Like The Wind | Best International Skydiving Drop Zones

Maybe you have considered skydiving or maybe you have skydived before. Many people choose to go skydiving on a whim or choose the closest facility to them that does skydiving tours. Did you know that there were places that were considered premium for skydiving though? They feature regions that look very picturesque from the standard 12,500 feet up. If you are considering your first dive, first realize that most free falls last less than a minute, and you reach speeds up to 180 mph. These aspects make the dives more thrilling, but less scary when you realize how fast the jump goes. Here are some drop zones, said to offer the best skydiving in the world.

First in line, we have a desert location here in the United States. Utah has some of the most scenic rock formations, hiking trails, and sprawling landscapes to see from your aerial viewpoint. The red rocked landscape has drawn many to the west to experience nature at its best at this monumental drop zone.

If you are visiting South East Asia though, Thailand is where you want to be. The rocky, mountainous country has lots to see. From massive statues, to decorated caves, miles of transit systems, and the bustling cities. Pattaya has the best drop zone there, that allows views of the west coast and other nearby adventurous attractions.

Lots of us dream of having a holiday in Hawaii. There are the surrounding coastlines, mountains, super lush vegetation, waterfalls, valleys and more attractions. Hawaii’s natural beauty makes it not only an optimal place to vacation, but even better for skydiving. Just imagine skydiving there, and seeing neighboring islands and smoking volcanoes in the distance. Whichever island you choose as a drop zone, you will not soon forget the magical dive you accomplished.

You may have never thought of Switzerland as a place to skydive, so why not visit, and make it an all out vacation. Take time to see The Matterhorn Mountains, The Swiss Alps & countryside, cruise along Lake Geneva or head to Interlaken for what is said to be one of the best drop zones in all of Europe. You will see the neighboring countries of Austria, France, Italy,  and Germany, as well as the snowy mountaintops of Switzerland.

Skydiving in Dubai has to be one of the best jumps for seeing awesome man-made features. Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is a leading drop zone in the world, and hosts the EAF Skydive Dubai, the biggest annual skydiving competition. The shallow nearby Persian Gulf hosts the man made Palm Jumeirah archipelago that can be seen from space, along with the entire Persian Gulf, and Dubai from your drop zone.

Honorable mentions in our list include, Australia, where you can whale watch from the coast of Sydney, Washington to see the awesome mountain ranges, and Nepal & New Zealand for snowy peaks, and glaciers. That concludes our list of premium drop zones for the beginner or the avid skydiver. Let us know if we hit the nail on the head, or list some of your favorite drop zones in our comments area.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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