Low Fare Alert! | Travel To Europe With These New Cheap Air Routes

Has the lack of travel got you down? We feel the same way but heard some great news today. There are a few low-fare airlines that promise to expand their offerings later this year to get us to some places that have a change in culture, hemisphere, weather, and attitude. These routes can get us there without clearing our bank accounts too.

Most people dream of visiting Hawaii and Southwest Airlines plans to make that a more affordable option with their new routes. No specific routes have been named yet, but people living in California will soon have a straight shot to Honolulu. The guess is that airports in Oakland or San Jose will be the launching points with expansion to neighboring cities expected.

Chicagoans with the desire to cross the pond can now hop upon Norwegian Air to do just that. Cheaply might I add. The airline is seeking to expand its United States market, and their two new routes fly from Chicago and Austin to London Gatwick Airport. Flights have already started out of Chicago at around $475, and Austin flights start at the end of March. Also, check their website for more affordable flights to locations in Europe.

Lufthansa’s Eurowings is out to help you get to Germany. Starting at the tail end of April, Eurowings will fly you directly from New York to Dusseldorf. The one way flights come courtesy as Lufthansa serving Air Berlin’s displaced flyers. The low fare airline will also host flights from Florida, Las Vegas, and Seattle to Germany as well for around $467.

Ready for some hot nights in Spain? We all are, are we not? Level Airlines of British Airways wants you to enjoy Spain as well. Travelers from the City of Angels can now fly directly from Los Angeles or Boston to Barcelona. Being a low fare flight doesn’t always guarantee seating options aside from economy. Level offers premium economy seats so you arrive comfortably with options from around $231-$630. With low fares and routes like these, paradise and a break from the humdrum is in reach. So which route are you most excited for?

Written by LeVar Thomas

Cofounder of stupidDOPE.com & AlwaysPacked.com. I have always loved writing whether it be informative, or put toward creating music. Visit any of the websites and go hear my original songs at LeVarThomas.Bandcamp.com.

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