Forget About Your Shoes | North Island Resort Seychelles, Africa

We found a little gem for you in the Seychelles North Island Resort, a pure island sanctuary in a pristine natural habitat surrounded by the warm, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean! There are 11 AWESOME bungalows at this resort and all have marble bathrooms and pure island luxury! If you are looking for a stunning, unspoiled tropical paradise, this is it! This island is a Noah’s Ark sanctuary where the natural habitat is being restored, including endangered species of flora and fauna.

This is an exclusive luxury lodge providing the best privacy, location, services and island experience and at the same time, providing harmony with the stunning environment.

At North Island Resort there is a spa and gym, gorgeous pool, pristine, private beaches, activity center, boutique, helipad and the West Beach Bar. Dining here is an exclusive experience for your taste buds as everything is fresh and grown in gardens on the resort grounds. They have an excellent wine cellar as well to suit your palate with a great choice of vintage wines. You will enjoy a tailor-made experience in the spa, take diving lessons, snorkel, go fishing, kayak and much more.


North Island Seychelles

Written by LeVar Thomas

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