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Most hotels are audibly sound, but there is that rare occasion when you stay at a nice hotel whose walls seem to be paper thin. You can hear the guests walking around, the TV next door, and late night guests loudly passing in the hall. You toss, and turn all night or create a beef by telling them to pipe down. If this is your dilemma, then join many others who use noise machines like those at Sound of Sleep, to keep the outside, outside, and relax in loud situations. Noise machines reproduce natural sounds like you would hear in rainstorms and other natural situations.

The sounds put you in a relaxing state, and mask noises. White, pink, and brown noises correspond to wide, middle, and low frequency noise and are what we hear in nature. Sound of Sleep makes a range of escalated sound machines that help in so many ways. In addition to blocking noise so you can sleep, they help increase focus for studying, help fight tinnitus, and calm children and pets. Their range of Sound+Sleep products feature 10 familiar HD sounds like city, meadow, meditation, ocean, and rain. These sounds constantly evolve and never loop.

A good night’s sleep is the best way to approach a new day, so get it with the LectroFan, Sound+Sleep, Sound+Sleep MINI, or the Sound+Sleep SE, each having innovative features that will help you focus and get the rest you need.

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Written by LeVar Thomas

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