BioScarf | A Health Meets Fashion Revolution

When traveling, it is more important than ever to guard your health. First off, no one wants to be sick during a business trip, or on their holiday, so protection is important. It is inevitable on the plane, at the airport, or at the hotel that you will encounter someone with a sneeze, a cold, or some other communicable sickness. To many, fashion is nearly as important as health, and that is where Bioscarf can help.

Bioscarf was created by Carlton Solle, who became ill on a business trip to China. When he found out that he had become sick from air pollution, and that it was better for him to wear an air filtration mask, he was a bit disappointed at the unattractive look. Upon doing a little research, his fashionable alternative became a scarf that protects from pollution, germs, pollen, even cigarette smoke.

When the Bioscarf was tested by Nelson Labs, they found that it outperformed most of the filter masks on the market with 99.75% filtration rate. Not only is Bioscarf efficient, it is made from recycled materials like water bottles and PVC pipes. It also provides three layers of protection, is ethically produced as well. Learn more about this fashion breakthrough at

Images: Bioscarf

Written by James Wolfe

I'm a nature lover that enjoys traveling and sharing my experiences.

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