Armani Hotel | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Located in the magnificent, 163- floor Burj Khalifa in United Arab Emirates, Armani Hotel Dubai brings Armani’s debut in the world of luxury hotels and hospitality to life.  Extravagant, opulent and considered a modern marvel, Armani Hotel Dubai is the first of a collection of Armani hotels inviting you to indulge in a unique Armani Lifestyle experience.

The timeless sophistication and hospitality found throughout the hotel also extend into all dining and lifestyle concepts. The 160 guest rooms and suites include 12 styles of rooms with a backdrop of elegance, and simplicity. Each is designed with Italian luxury in mind and features unique lighting from the Armani collection, as well as highly stylish bathrooms, high quality furnishings and the finest of linens.

Meeting that style is the latest in technologies including 40 inch LCD flat screen televisions, DVD players, multi-use work stations, and printers by request. You also experience Dubai’s unparalleled service and an in-room private bar, and individual coffee machine. This amazing hotel also offers culinary options and six authentic dining experiences including Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean and modern Indian restaurants. Each restaurant offers a culinary journey and is designed to reflect the luxurious nature of the city of Dubai.

For the travel weary, or those who need pampering, Armani Spa will make sure you experience a full sensory experience tailored exactly for you. There, a blend of unique treatments and excellent services keep you refreshed and energetic enough to fully enjoy UAE. Whether you are in Dubai for vacation or a business trip, The Armani Hotel will provide the finest service and unique hospitality making sure you get the most of your Armani experience. What is even better, if you find your self in love with the Armani Hotel, you can also make it home. Visit online now to plan a stay or something more permanent.

Images: Armani Hotel Dubai

Written by James Wolfe

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