Make Your Flight a Dream with Cabeau Flight Accessories

Your flight made more comfy.

Do long flights get you down? You breeze through all the security lines, no flight delays, your bag is  first on the conveyor, and there is plenty of overhead stow, but then there is that unforgiving seat you have to bear for your flight. You could pretty much forget about getting any rest on that flight because its just not comfortable. It can be now with some travel accessories from Cabeau.

The company has been evolving flight comfort for 9 years with innovative travel products and we are here with a short round up of Cabeau products. You can use them to make your flight so comfortable, you can sleep for a change. First up are two travel pillows developed by Cabeau called Evolution.

The Evolution S3 is a travel pillow that features a patented Seat Strap System (S3) that attaches to the airplane headrest to keep your head from falling. It is made from high quality memory foam with raised sides to keep your head from rocking side to side. It is also adjustable for neck length, has moisture wicking fabric, and a zippered pouch to keep your belongings safe for just $39.99.

The Evolution Cool neck pillow is composed of a cooling dual density memory foam, cooling vents and the is size adjustable. It provides chin support, is headphone friendly with its own storage case and memory foam earplugs just in case your seat neighbor snores or seeks unwanted conversation. Best of all the cover is removable, washable and retails at just $59.99. Each of the pillows also comes in a choice of colors.

Cabeau thought of everything involving in-flight comfort, and continues with our favorite piece, the adjustable Midnight Magic Sleep Mask. It has a guaranteed blackout effect, plush feel, rounded eye line, storage pockets, and elastic-free strap to make it comfy and convenient. Finally, when walking around the airport, then sitting for long periods on the plane your legs get tired, or your feet might even swell and that is no bueno. That is where the Cabeau Bamboo Compression socks help with just the right amount of pressure to counteract fatigue in your legs and feet. In sizes 5-15, you will get a sock that promotes circulation, wicks away moisture, and odor, and relieves varicose veins.

These are a few, but great products from Cabeau that make traveling that much more of a pleasure. So visit them now to see how they can make your next flight a dream.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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