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Hvar is a Croatian Island along the Dalmatian Coast where people visit in droves for the summer. This resort island boasts its history through 13th century walls, a hilltop fortress, and a Renaissance era church. It is often called the sunniest spot in all of Mediterranean Europe and people come for the nature, tradition, architecture, and the awesome nightlife. Being a somewhat remote island, the Isle of Hvar is isolated but is far removed from towering buildings, and smoke stacks. Instead there are vineyards, olive groves, and fields of lavender that add more to the peaceful nature of the area. So what do people do here. Well aside from relaxing, Hvar is one of many nearby Mediterranean islands that are great for island hopping.

The nearby Pakleni Islands are a prime example of region’s beauty. It is a group of small islands that are covered only in aromatic herbs and a small settlement called Vloka. It is the island of choice for excursions and quaint beauty. On the actual Isle of Hvar, there is Fortress Fortica that was built in the 16th century to protect the island. Now it is the best place to take pictures of, and from the unique high vantage point.

Religion seems to have been a heavy part of Hvar’s history and the beautiful architecture shows it. Hvar Cathedral is the Catholic city center built for Pope St. Stjepan, while the 1461 Franciscan Monastery hosts a museum with paintings from the master artists of the day. There is also the Benedictian Convent that has an endemic lace that has been made there for 130 years.

Tourists make their way to Stari Grad as well. It is a large field in the center of Hvar that has supported life for greek, and roman civilizations for centuries. It is the setting for Renaissance poet Petar Hektorovic who set out to create his own little world of family, friends, fish, birds, plants, and himself. His little fortress has more than 20 writings in different languages carved into it for history lovers as well. Hora that is in Stari Grad is treasured for its history of growing grapes, olives, and carob. Today the area is protected by UNESCO. Those are just a few highlights of this area. In addition, there are 12 lovely beaches here, ferries to nearby islands, luxurious hotels, unique restaurants, and the nightlife in Hvar is perfect for those who never seem to sleep. Visit Hvar online to plan your visit to this exclusive, and beautiful island.

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