Sunset Marquis Hotel & Villas | West Hollywood, California

Rock Star Status

Since 1963, Rock musicians have flocked to the Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, USA. It is American tourism at its best because it was the hotel of choice because it was affordable for starving musicians and it was in close proximity to the Viper Room, the House of Blues, and the Roxy. Today, this luxurious stop may cause you a little more green than back then, but artists, and laypersons still come here to conveniently experience the Soul of West Hollywood right off of the Sunset Strip. Not to mention that this storied hotel hosts live art, an art gallery, a music show called Live at Sunset Marquis, and the NightBird Recording studios that is home to some historic records.

Aside from its music history, the Sunset Marquis has lush suites, and villas that have been the place to stay for artists recording there like Justin Timberlake, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna, Green Day, Lil Wayne and Faith Hill. Not only Rock stars, but A-List celebs such as Keanu Reeves, Uma Thurman and Phillip Seymour Hoffman have laid their heads here. It is no wonder either because each room is decorated with a zen like feel, with modern and elegant interiors. They are surrounded by lush gardens and 24-hour room service is available. Bathrooms are marble and luxurious, some villas have fireplaces and others boast baby grand pianos. The concierge is very discreet as well.

You will not walk away hungry once you see the menu at Cavatina Restaurant at the Sunset Marquis. The food there is made from market-fresh ingredients, is casually elegant and has indoor and outdoor dining to suit your whims. It also has an extensive wine list and won the 2010 Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Need something a bit stiffer than wine, then enjoy one of the best parts, most popular parts of this hotel, Bar 1200. Here celebs have had temper tantrums, break ups and there are also occasional impromptu concerts by real legends like Steven Tyler, or have drinks at the same bar table as David and Victoria Beckham. The Sunset Marquis is also ready for your wedding, big corporate event, or to help you relax in solitude at the SPA. Nothing is overlooked at Sunset Marquis, so make plans to visit today.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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