Lapa’s Nest Treehouse | Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Pure & Luxurious Privacy. Rainforest Included!

Today we are bringing you another tree house retreat and no, these are not the kids’ tree houses you construct in the back yard. We are talking about luxurious vacation tree houses that are located all over the world. For example, Lapa’s Nest Tree House in Southern Costa Rica allows you privacy, adventure, and nature all in one fell swoop. It has been featured by CNN, and is located on the Osa Peninsula. More interestingly the Treehouse in the middle of 120 acres of rainforest that overlooks the ocean. The 7 story tree house sleeps 8 guests and is a few minutes walk from some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica too.

Accommodations here include the 55 feet (ca. 17 meters) high tree house with four bedrooms, and two bathrooms. One of which has a glass bottom shower. To peruse the canopy, there are clear glass roof panels so you can see the monkeys and parrots in the trees above. There is also a spring-fed dipping pool here. Everything together, you get beautiful and safe vantage point to gaze down on hundreds of monkeys, tropical birds, and other wildlife that is near swimming and surfing haunts. You can go kayaking, take a zip line, tour the jungle canopy or visit the butterfly conservatory.

If you want to explore a bit outside of the rainforest, you can take a rental car for a scenic ocean drive down the Pacific Coast. Also renew your sprit with organic foods, hiking, meditation, medicinal baths and therapeutic treatments. Comfort, adventure, scenery and more will make a vacation for a family, or a few, nothing short of amazing. Try the all inclusive retreat packages for an experience that will be talked about over, and again. Learn more by visiting Lapa’s Nest Treehouse online for rates.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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