Maison de Cheval Blanc | St. Barths Isle De France

Easily Luxurious

If you are looking for a simple, and elegant retreat for your holiday, you will find it in St. Barths Isle De France. The Maison de Cheval Blanc is a tropical hotel based in clean lines, natural woods, and iconic beach side flair. To start, Saint Bathelemy is the setting that has the purest white sand beaches in all of the Caribbean. Being at this French island is spirit lifting as you pass other happy people who enjoy the well respected boutiques and restaurants there. The Rooms at Cheval Blanc feature crisp linens, and are decorated in soft tones that compliment the environment, and your peace of mind.

Rooms like the Tropical Room can accommodate a couple at 645 square feet. They will enjoy the soft ambience, bathroom with a comforting rain shower, and a quiet terrace to relax on between outings. For larger groups, and those who want more room to roam, the 3 Bed Ocean Suite is the way to go. It is 2045 square feet with 3 master bedrooms, each with ensuite baths. These large suites face the beach and have big terraces with sun loungers. A dining room is available in this large suite, and Cheval Blanc guarantees an unparalleled level of privacy and comfort with MajorDome concierge.

Your dining experience is also made opulent by having your choice of food and drink from four different restaurants including Culinary Break. This restaurant features the French instinct, culinary journeys, and local inspirations that are blended perfectly by the renown Chef Yann Visot. There is also the signature restaurant La Case De Isle, and both overlooking Flamands Bay are the White Bar for drinks, and La Cabane De Isle for a relaxed beachside dinner. Carte Blanc service lets you have in-room dining or beachside eats. However you like it. We cannot forget about Cheval Blanc Spa that has a serene atmosphere and has just the treatment to help you relax and energize before or after your day of activity.

As everything at Cheval Blanc is exquisite, so will be your planned experiences here. The staff at the hotel can help plan a custom tour of Saint Barthelemy, put together a private beach picnic, or plan a romantic sunset cruise. To stay in your routine, there is a well equipped fitness center with personal coaches, as well as aquatic activities like diving, surfing, and jet skiing. Take your honey to task on the tennis courts here, do something fun for the kids, show up for a seasonal event for the ultimate fun, or tempt your credit limit at the Boutique that has high fashion selections or an emergency swim suit if you need. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a classy getaway to the Caribbean that will wash away all your worries, click Cheval Blanc online for rates toward your nicest vacation ever. Also see our other articles for tips and where to stay in the Caribbean.

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