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This Place is Life Elevated

Got no passport, or time to leave this hemisphere for a getaway? Then consider Utah. This state has a motto of Industry. You could fool more than a few though by observing the natural beauty versus the industry there. The beautiful and varied landscape of Utah is host to the Mighty Five National Parks and has desert, canyon, mountain, rocky, and snowy terrains all in the same state. People who visit the Beehive State make memories and have new experiences here that make them urge others to take the visit to Utah.

Southern Utah is a place marked by varied landscapes. There are snowcapped mountains, orange buttes, mesas, deep faults, rolling mounds, flat desert, and rock arches. Many people who visit Utah are content with visiting here alone because you can experience the full contrast of what Utah has to offer. In Central Utah, you witness the landscape go from desert rock oases, to forest. For the traveler who needs a moment to reflect, the central stretch of the state features vast coalfields, fishing and hunting opportunities, large farmland, and those still magical desert stretches.

Central Utah also boasts one of the state’s best attractions, the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry on Heritage Highway 89. It features the most dense collection of Jurassic dinosaur bone fields in the world. There is also the Swell, a scene of a remote canyons and views that are hard to beat. Northern Utah is not what some expect though. Since the orange desert usually comes to mind, beautiful calm lakes, and alpine forests may seem a bit foreign. There is a railroad museum, the snowy Wasatch Mountains that are great for skiing, there is the Great Salt Lake, and even more dinosaur fossils there too. The biggest metropolitan area, Salt Lake Valley hosts world class events and shows like the Utah Symphony and Opera, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, museums, dining, nightlife, and professional sports as well. Park City is also Northern Utah’s setting for January’s Sundance Film Festival.

Attractions that get top billing in Utah includes Arches National Park for its delicate loops of rocks that look like bridges in the air. They are stacked so far up that visitors there can see every type terrain that Utah displays. Salt Lake City as we mentioned is the setting for some great cultural events, but the valley is surrounded by breathtaking mountains that are worth the stay here. Cedar Breaks is a coliseum of art by Mother Nature in which illions of years of erosion have left steps of colorful rock. The scene will take your words away when you try to describe them. So there you go. There is so much more to experience in Utah, and we hope that you will make it a stop on your U.S. holiday tour. Learn more about this terrific state at

Written by LeVar Thomas

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