Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort | Riversdale, Belize

The #1 Resort in Belize

Have you ever wondered what the Garden of Eden was like? If so, you can experience it firsthand at the Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort in beautiful Belize. This eco-sensitive resort blends into breathtaking surroundings that offer adventure, pampering, luxury and 1300 feet of palm-fringed beach.

Kanantik is surrounded in lush jungle, and just past the beach are crystal clear Caribbean waters, a pristine barrier reef, and the resort itself offers beautifully appointed private cabanas at the beach so you can take it all in at the #1 resort in Belize.

You may be in the jungle at this resort, but you will receive five-star service and accommodations in your cabana. The 25 cabanas here have thatched roofs, offer panoramic ocean views, custom furniture, hardwood floors, four poster beds, and artwork, all hand crafted by local artisans. Each has a spacious bathroom, rain showers, and expansive decks with hammocks to observe the Caribbean. This is the prime place to observe with a Kanantik cocktail in your hand. The beds here also boast 100% Egyptian cotton sheets that you can sink into while relaxing to the beautiful sound of ocean waves.

The dining at Kanantik is also very special and the food is sourced from the resort’s own organic garden, the sea food is caught fresh daily from the Caribbean and other nearby water sources, while the beef and chicken are raised on local farms. The cuisine here is varied but prepared of the Belizean tradition, and served in the vaulted ceiling dining room. Traditional punta and paranda music that accompanies your meal, speaks to Belize’s rich culture and heritage dating back centuries.

For adventure surrounding the Kanantik, you become part of nature. The immersive experiences here include Guided treks through the untouched jungle, snorkeling and scuba diving around the wonderful reef here is also an option. You can tour the area in a boat, scale waterfalls, see nearby cultural sites, go canoeing and sea kayaking, and learn traditional Belizean dances. So what are you waiting for? Your private cabana awaits you with luxurious amenities that guarantee your comfort and relaxation in this paradise. Visit Kanatik at the link above for rates and more about this exciting tropical resort.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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