Kahala Hotel & Resort – Honolulu, Hawaii

Legendary luxury.

It has been the dream of most people to visit Hawaii at some time in their life. This chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean is tropical, beautiful, and is what legends are made of. The island nation has sparked Elvis movies, several Disney cartoons, and television dramas that use the islands as a setting for intrigue and adventure. Oahu is one of the most popular destinations in the island chain for tourism, that is the home base for Honolulu.

Honolulu has the gorgeous Hanauma Bay that has golden sands. It is protected so that guests can see the beauty, snorkel, and dive here for years to come. You can also enjoy Honolulu’s Chinatown, Diamond head that provides outstanding vistas, Honolulu Zoo, water sports, waterfalls, palaces, amazing local food, and the immaculate Kahala Hotel & Resort to bunk in Hawaiian luxury.

Only minutes from Waikiki, Kahala serves as Hawaii’s legendary hideaway makes sure that you know you are somewhere very special from the moment you arrive. Lush tropical gardens, a private lagoon, stunning beaches and endearing resident dolphins make this unique, secluded beachfront hotel a favorite of presidents, international royalty and celebrities.

The accommodations here are also very welcoming. There are 15 styles of rooms here including the most luxurious here is the Imperial Suite. The Imperial is 2200 sq. feet with a fully equipped board room, living room, and a choice of one or two adjoining bedrooms. It has great views of Kahala Bay with amazing amenities like glass separate shower and other amenities you expect at a luxury resort.

There are also a huge range of activities at this resort. You can swim with the dolphins, relax by the gorgeous swimming pool, lounge on the beach, take surfing lessons, paddle board, surf or go on a guided canoe tour. Go on a snorkel or fishing tour or if you prefer, go fly fishing or learn the basics of spear fishing…something for everyone to do, even the kids’ Keiki Club.

If you are hungry, enjoy award winning cuisine with a diverse mix of ambiance, style and cultural influences in one of the four restaurants on site. If you feel worn down, rejuvenate at the Kahala Spa. It boasts the latest trends in spa treatments and has ten tropically decorated rooms with privacy and serenity for your relaxation and rejuvenation. At the Kahala Hotel, you will be treated like royalty by the wonderful staff with hospitality that only Hawaii can provide. Get more information at the link.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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