Bluefields Bay Private Villas – Bluefields, Jamaica

Experience Five-Star Jamaica

Unspoiled by commercialism, the south coast of Jamaica is the backdrop for Bluefields Bay and its six sprawling, and extremely luxurious villas. There, the sunsets are spectacular, the Caribbean Sea is crystal clear, and the beaches peerless at this private, distinctive and all-inclusive resort. The cuisine at Bluefields is gourmet and you will have your own chef preparing your meals.

A private housekeeper will spoil you and even send you back home with freshly laundered clothes at no charge. A personal driver is available for outings, and your own waterfront attendant, and night porter are available to make after hours service a breeze. This amazing resort will also provide a nanny for your children if you need some private time with your partner.

Bluefields Bay Villas sit on the beautiful Caribbean, have spectacular views and each has its own private swimming pool. The amenities in each villa are opulent and pure luxury, all located on the Bluefield Beach except for the largest, San Michele island villa which has its own private island. Activities at Bluefields Bay includes private excursions, snorkeling, kayaking, tennis, deep sea fishing, horseback riding and golf, just to name a few.

To fill your belly, locally grown, fresh food, and coffee is brought to you fresh grown from the mountains of Jamaica. Bluefields Bay Villas is Jamaica’s most luxurious, 5 Star resort, so those seeking an unforgettable getaway will find the PERFECT location for day trips, and to experience Jamaica’s natural wonders.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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