A Perfect Little Hideway | Little Good Harbour Hotel, Saint Lucy, Barbados - AlwaysPacked.com
This family-run hotel is ideal for anyone needing a stress-free holiday from start to finish.

Little Good Harbour Hotel is located in a tiny fishing village, Sherman, on the fashionable west coast of Barbados, is family run and as unique and charming as can be. The 19 cottages here are luxurious, with lush gardens and two beautiful swimming pools. There is also an old seaside fort with stunning two and three bedroom suites with breathtaking views of the Caribbean and a great restaurant, The Fish Pot.

All accommodations have luxury bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens and big dining terraces. While staying at Little Good Harbour, you can paddle board, go surfing, visit St. Nicholas Abbey, take a private sailing day on Seaduced or the Silver Moon catamaran. Visit Hunte's Nursery to view the breathtaking gardens, go scuba diving or shopping at Ju Ju's. You should also make sure you visit Crane Beach on the southeast coast and the unspoiled beauty of Fowl Bay.

Images: Little Good Harbor