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Authentic, Natural, Saint Lucia!

Saint Lucia is a beautiful gem in the Eastern Caribbean that is defined by the Pitons. These are two giant stone peaks that overlook the verdant rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, and reef sites in Saint Lucia. While you are there see, and climb these mountains, bathe in mud pools, enjoy the awesome beaches, the romance, and the history of the place. If this sounds like a plan to you, then stay at Fond Doux while you are there.

Fond Doux Holiday Plantation is a 19th century colonial plantation in the heart of St. Lucia. This is still a working cocoa plantation, so you will be able to experience the day to day workings of the people there crafting awesome chocolates. Enjoying the smells of chocolate wafting about, you can appreciate three styles among 15 unique cottages that are handcrafted by Caribbean artisans.

The 1 Bedroom Cottage is perfect for couples looking for some peace, and romance away from greater Saint Lucia. 

The awesome thing is every cottage here is up cycled from other buildings on the island that are slated for demolition. They are carefully disassembled and moved to this location, fondly known as a “paradise on earth.” Two of the buildings serve as The Bamboo, and Cocoa Pod Restaurants that serve delicious local seafoods, cocktails, breakfast, and have buffet options.

Fond Doux is also just minutes from the islands main attraction, The Sulphur Springs drive-in volcano. There are also shuttles to take you around to explore the true heritage, and nature of Saint Lucia. You will love the awesome pools on the property or venture to the very close Caribbean for snorkeling, paddle boarding, and sunbathing.

However, if you need exceptional relaxation, try out Mama La Terre Spa for a natural treatment to renew your mind, body, and spirit. The Fond Doux can also help plan your wedding getaway, make your honeymoon special, and for the casual visitor, there are packages to help you make the most of this trip. Learn more about Fond Doux Resort at the link.

Images: Fond Doux Resort

Written by James Wolfe

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