5 Things To Do: Adventure In the Andaman Islands

A private Indian island with fun to spare.

Of course your resort will want to keep you entertained on site, but you being the adventurer that you are, want to get off the beaten path, and explore that exotic locale in your own way. We encourage you to be safe when you travel to a new place, but we also want to enjoy your trip and the surrounding area to the utmost.

So here is where we will tell you about 5 more super things you can do to extend the enjoyment of your getaway to the Andaman Islands.

Go snorkeling – We told you about Barefoot Resort in the Andamans, and how beautiful the beach and water is. Just imagine how much more you will enjoy snorkeling there. First off, you arrive to the island by plane, so you get a glimpse of the beauty the ocean holds. The best snorkeling spots are North Bay and Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. Choose Elephant Beach for clear waters, and North Bay for more fish, fewer people.

A Glowing Tide – Havelock Island has the best snorkeling as far as clarity, and more special, has the rare phenomenon of bioluminescent phytoplankton. These tiny glowing specks line the beach and the water and just the smallest of movements in or near the water, and the phytoplankton lights up like the starry skies above. This is a bucket list activity for sure if you want to experience the best that nature has to offer.

Two If By Sea – If you want a water adventure without being totally submerged in the water, try riding a banana boat. This high speed experience takes you and a few of your friends on a large raft that is pulled behind a speed boat. Like things a little slower, Andaman also has glass bottom boats. If you like seeing coral and colorful fish without snorkeling, this is the treat you are looking for. Glass boat tours are near the Water Sports Complex, North Bay Coral Island, Port Blair & Jolly Buoy Island.

Parasailing – Try getting high on life for once by doing some parasailing around Andaman. You do not have to get wet, but you can enjoy flying over the ocean behind a speed boat. You’ll be suspended in the air by parachute and get to see the surrounding area. Moreover, you will feel the rush of being pulled in the air and floating above this island paradise. Rates vary depending on which company and what time of year you decide to parasail. Do your research and enjoy this worthwhile activity to the fullest.

Go Spelunking – There are many more absolutely cool things to do in the Andaman Islands like island hopping, sightseeing tours, and nature trekking, but one of the unique things to do anywhere in the world is to go cave exploring. Depending on where you are in the world, the layout of the caves vary and the Limestone caves of Baratang are something to see. Arriving there by speedboat is an experience unto itself but the stalactites, and stalagmite formations will leave you in awe of what nature can do.

This concludes our post of very cool things to do here. So when you take an exotic getaway, or just visit another state for fun, we will be here with 5 more things you could do to make your visit 5x more fun. Keep an eye out for more destinations, and more things you can do aside from lounge in your hotel.

Written by LeVar Thomas

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